CAMURRI GOURMET starts from the request of customers more and more exigent and varied, who want to employ exclusive natural products selected in observance of national and international traditions. Attentive to the exploitation of the taste and flavour of raw materials by means of Camurri equipment: Chocolate pots, Choco-tea pots, Coffee and Cappuccino Machines Iced Tea, Vaporizers, ( Federico Camurri patents).

CAMURRI GOURMET develops this philosophy, with great care and passion, all intent on choosing the best and most exclusive products.

Our factory is situated in Reggiolo, in a land which was first the cradle of the Etruscan civilization and of important cultural and commercial centres. One of these is Bologna with its ancient university, wanted deeply by Matilda from Canossa, the great Countess who played an important role in international politics when in 1077 Henry IV went to Canossa to beg forgiveness to Pope Gregory VII. During the Matilda age countless monasteries, castles and fortresses were built. They became the protagonists of the Italian Renaissance when the local Signories succeeded the Matilda age.

They say that a Maya magical custom which came from the West Indies spread in one of these fortresses in the 17th century. This Maya magic changed beans received from the Gods into Gods' food. Today as yesterday, according to the best Italian tradition, CAMURRI GOURMET repeats every day this magic: to offer you the best products, turning them from Gods' food into men's pleasure.